Solar Energy Incentives

When was the last time the Government wanted to help you keep more money in your pocket… be willing to pay up to 50% of the total cost? That’s why NOW IS THE TIME to invest in solar energy. Our customers are often seeing Return on Investments in approximately in 7 years.

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Federal Incentives

Federal Government incentives to aid you in installing your new Solar Panel System are incredibly high right now. If you have ever thought that you would like to do the right thing and install a renewable energy system, Now is the Time! The Federal Government will contribute as much as 30% of your new Solar Panel System (Photovoltaic System). This is done in different ways depending on if you are installing your new Solar Panel System on your home or business. If you are installing your new Solar Panel System on your home, you can get a Tax Credit of up to 30% which reduces your tax liability dollar for dollar. If you are installing your new Solar Panel System on your business you can file for either a Grant Check or receive a Tax Credit for up to 30% of the total cost of your new system. If you opt for the Grant Check you may receive your 30% in as little as 70 days from the time we turn on your new Clean, Renewable Energy, Solar System. Wow!

Solair Solar  Renewable Energy Certificates


Maryland Residential Clean Energy Grant Program

The Residential Clean Energy Grant Program provides financial assistance to residents who install solar photovoltaic, solar water heating, geothermal heat pump and wind turbine systems at their residence. The programs are designed to help satisfy Maryland’s Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS) requirements and EmPOWER Maryland goals.

In addition to the residential program, MEA also administers the Commercial Clean Energy Grant Program, which provides financial assistance to businesses, non-profits, and government entities.

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Delaware State Level Incentives

The State of Delaware (through their Green Energy Program) is also distributing an incredible amount of money to people and companies who want to install a Renewable Energy System. The State of Delaware is issuing Grant Checks for up to an additional 25% to 33.33% of your new Solar Panel System. That’s right, altogether you could get up to 50% or more of YOUR new “Solair” System paid for by the government.

Renewable Energy Certificates

R.E.C.s as they are called in the industry are Electronic Certificates that are publicly traded. These Renewable Energy Certificates have value because the Electric companies are mandated by law to either generate or purchase a certain percentage of their electricity portfolio from renewable sources. Your new solar array will make you a renewable energy generator that gets to sell something back to the utility companies. The Government will issue you an electronic certificate for every Megawatt Hour of electricity that your new ”Solair” System produces. A system installed in our area that that is approximately 10 kilowatts will produce about 13 Megawatt hours of electricity per year. You would be issued about 13 SRECs or Certificates per year. You list your certificates with an aggregator (like Sol Systems) for sale on an auction basis for a small fee. When your Renewable Energy Certificates are sold you are issued a check.


Solair Solar  Renewable Energy Certificates

Disclosure: Solair is not a tax advisor. You should always consult your tax advisor prior to making any financial decision.