Residential Solar Panels – Myers Family

Residential Solar Panels by Solair in MD, DE, VA

Residential Solar Panels: Topolski

Residential Solar Panels – TopolskiResidential Solar Panels by Solair

Roof Top Solar Panels

Solair roof top panels

Commercial Solar: T.S. Smith and Sons

Commerical Solar Panels - 3 RowsSolair LLC installed this Solar Panel Ground Array at TS Smith and Sons.

Commercial Solar: Brasure’s Pest Control

Brasure’s Pest Control is now Energy Neutral!

Go Green! Get Solair

Everyone is talking about going green… now you can!

Solair is a solar installer with offices in Delaware and Maryland. Solair designs and builds some of the highest performing solar energy systems in the industry. The systems range in size from just a few kilowatts to solar farms that are multiple megawatts. Our systems power businesses, municipal buildings (including schools), agricultural facilities, and homes. Our team members have been through an extensive training program and have both experience and a belief in the power of clean solar energy. Once our team has designed the ideal system for your situation, our Grant Administrator works closely with the various government agencies to obtain the available subsidies to help minimize the net cost to you. We then carefully oversee all aspects of the installation process to ensure the longevity of your investment. After the installation our team continues to monitor the system’s output to guarantee solar solutions with the highest return on investment. We have built excellent working relationships with the top wholesalers and manufacturers in the industry, which enables us to provide the best materials at the best prices and to deliver the end product on schedule. Our premier design and installation teams deliver low maintenance, turnkey solar systems to our customers, who have some to appreciate our hand holding support. Solair prides itself in providing our customers with an in depth introduction to solar that continues for years with our on-going maintenance and monitoring services.