Commercial Solar Properties

Milford Upper Elementary School – Milford, Delaware


Day 1 of roof solar project for the new Lu Lu Ross Upper Elementary School

104KW – Solair recently installed a ballasted flat roof solar project for the new Lu Lu Ross Upper Elementary School by the Milford School District. This system, as designed by Gipe and Associates, utilizes the SolarDock racking system. Through SolarDock’s unique design, the system will have a very low per square foot load on the roof. The system consists of 496 REC 210 modules paired with 4 Fronius 6KW IG Plus and 16 Fronius 5KW IG Plus inverters.

Brasure’s Pest Control – Selbyville, Delaware

16.33KW – Brasure’s Pest Control has always been a leader in the community. Brasure’s has always understood that an independently owned company must do everything possible to help their bottom line. Several years ago they replaced their tired HVAC System with Energy Efficient Geothermal Heating and Cooling Units. This greatly reduced their Heating and Cooling Bills. The next logical step was for them to make their own electricity. Since the Federal and State governments would pick up over half the cost of their new Solar Array, they knew that NOW was exactly the time to install this beautiful 16KW System. This commercial system is a combination of black on black Sharp 230 for the areas their customer would see on a daily basis and silver 235s for those areas not seen. Solair paired these panels with Enphase micro inverters for individual computer monitoring and the UniRac ClickSys racking system for a clean, professional looking installation.

Brasure’s Pest Control – Selbyville, Delaware

Solar-Panels-Brasures-Storage-Units-600Wow, Brasure’s Pest Control is now Energy Neutral! That’s incredible. Brasure’s has had a commitment to running a smarter business every day since their inception. Since Solair’s installation of the initial system at the end of 2009, the Brasure family has been carefully watching the output of their solar panels with the help of the Enlighten website through Enphase Energy. They watched as their electricity bills were reduced by just over half of what they were. The Brasure Pest Control family knew they wanted to make even more of a commitment to GO GREEN with Solair and in the process make an incredibly smart business decision. The initial System was producing a Return On Investment of over 20%. They knew there was no better place to invest in their business. Once again they were eager to ask Solair to help them reach their goal of becoming Energy Neutral. Solair does not disappoint, they just finished installing another 12.22KW on the Brasure’s Pest Control office using the same beautiful Black on Black Sharp Solar Panels and the Enphase Micro Inverter technology. Find out more about this incredible family run business at

TS Smith and Sons – Bridgeville, Delaware

Solar Panel Ground Array41.83KW – TS Smith and Sons a “Century Farm” in Bridgeville, Delaware and Solair LLC installed this Solar Panel Ground Array. TS Smith has been a leader in the produce and agricultural industry in this area for over 100 years. Today they lead again by installing this Solar Panel array with Solair. The solar array is made up of 178 GE Motech panels made right in Newark, Delaware. TS Smith & Sons and Solair are proud to help keep Delawareans working. This system utilizes Enphase Micro Inverter technology so TS Smith and Sons can always keep track of how much clean solar energy each and every panel is producing.

Donavan Family – Felton, Delaware

Solar Panels for Farming and AgricultureThe Donavan family of Felton, Delaware have been farmers all of their lives. Now they are farming solar rays with their new Solair Solar System. This 7.76kw system was built with GE Motech Solar panels made in Newark, Delaware and Enphase Micro Inverters. This system harvests enough of our sun’s rays to produce more than 10 Megawatt Hours of electricity every year.